Over the course of a year, I wrote 52 short essays in 52 weeks as a tribute to my mother and her desire for me to try my hand at creative writing.

Memory Makers

I wonder what the significant memories will be, when the kids think of their childhoods….

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Loving to Play

Sometime after Munchkins soccer and before college football, every mom and dad of a sports-playing…

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Life Beginnings

The 2016 college essay prompts are available. This happens every August, but never before has…

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Dear Old Dad

There are times when I wake up feeling like I’ve got this parenting thing all…

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There is a story from my childhood that my youngest son likes me to tell….

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Big Ideas

My sons have grown opinions. I shouldn’t be too surprised. It was bound to happen…

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This is what I wish for my sons. It is not admittance to a prestigious…

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Being There

Mom lies dying. We sit with her, around her. For several days, we return each…

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